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How do you determine which fund will pay your family benefits in Belgium?


In Belgium, since 2014, family benefits have been regionalized. From now on, your family and/or socio-professional situation will determine whether your file will be processed in Flanders, Brussels, Wallonia or the German-speaking Community.



Fl​ 1 - For Flanders


Wallonie​ 2 - For Wallonie


Région Bruxelloise​ 3 - For Brussels


Communauté Germanophone​ 4 - For the German-speaking Community


To help you, here are some practical tips

These are the connecting factors that determine which entity will be responsible for managing your family benefits. The analysis of these connecting factors is done strictly in the order in which they are listed below:

1. The child's legal domicile in the entity ;

2. The child's residence in the entity ;

3. The location of the unit of establishment or, where this information is not available, the place of business of the current or previous employer of the socially insured person in Belgium;

4. The legal domicile or last legal domicile of the socially insured person in the entity;

5. The location of the social insurance fund to which the socially insured person is affiliated as a self-employed person;

6. The location of the office of the last known family benefit fund that granted the family benefits.


Once you have determined the region, all you need to do is contact the relevant regulator in that entity. The regulator will answer your questions and/or advise you on the steps to be taken so that you can submit your request .


Please find below the complete contact details of the four federated entities.


For Wallonia :






Agence wallonne pour une Vie de Qualité  (AVIQ)

Département de la branche familles

Postal address : Rue de la Rivelaine 21 - 6061 Charleroi


Email address :  

Telephone: 0800/16.061


For Flanders :





Het Vlaams Agentschap voor de Uitbetaling van Toelagen in het kader van het Gezinsbeleid (VUTG), kortweg het Agentschap Uitbetaling Groeipakket

Postal address: Trierstraat 9 - 1000 Brussel


Email address :

Telephone: 02/897.10.60



For Brussels :




Iriscare - Service Médiation

Postal address: Rue Belliard 71 bte 2 - 1040 Bruxelles


Email address:

Telephone: + 32 2 435 64 33



Iriscare - Dienst Bemiddeling

Postal address: Belliardstraat 71 bus 2 - 1040 Brussel


Email address:

Telephone: + 32 2 435 64 33




For the German-speaking Community :



Communauté Germanophone


For the German-speaking Community :

Ministerium der Deutschsprachigen Gemeinschaft Belgiens

Fachbereich Familie und Soziales

Postal address: Kaperberg 6 - 4700 Eupen

Email address :

Telephone: +32 (0)87 789 920


Since 01/01/2022, Family Benefits Belgium will take over from ORINT as the liaison body for family benefits.

To contact this liaison body:



Family Benefits Belgium

Email address:

Postal address: Rue Belliard 71/3 - 1040 Bruxelles (Belgium)

Telephone: +32 71 33 7273